63rd Annual Reunion and AGM

Wednesday, 11th November 2015

The weather was frightening

The thunder and lightening

Seem to having their way

But as far as we were concerned

It was a lovely day.

Apologies to Fred Astaire.

The rain was pouring when we all arrived in Hatfield for our Annual Reunion and AGM, some had got lost on the way and some didn’t even get the car going and came by train.  So just as well there was a lovely welcome inside, enough cakes to make Mary Berry happy, and a wonderful lunch to look forward to.

With two lovely lessons on the programme to burn off the calories, as well as a wonderful lecture demo from Dr Peter Lovatt AKA Dr Dance who talked about his work on the effect of dance on the brain and how it can help with Dementia and Parkinson Disease. A well-deserved round of applause at the end of his demonstration which not only enlightened but got us moving as well.  Thank you so much for coming and we hope you enjoyed your day.

The sun came out by the end of the day so at least we had a dry drive home.

The turn in the weather

Kept us together

In Herts, so we can honestly say

That as far as we were concerned

It was a lovely day