Andrea's Lockdown Journey

To Medau, or not to Medau?

Do you miss your Medau class? I did too. Then I discovered friends were continuing their yoga, Pilates, Silver Swans ballet, U3A group activities on Zoom. What?! Having learned the wonders that Zoom allows us to do, even in lockdown, I set about finding out whether any of our Medau teachers had taken to the ether. I discovered some had mastered Zoom and others YouTube.

So then I had the choice – to Medau, or not to Medau? It didn’t take me long to sign up for a Zoom class, and I am so glad I did. Not only do I move all those muscles, stretching, using my core, improving my balance and posture, but I have interaction with Medau teachers and class members too.

Is it the same as my face to face classes? Of course not. But nor is going to the shops, meeting friends and family, having a meal out, or even walks with the Ramblers. You can rely on Medau teachers to be super creative – out go the hoops and balls – not too good for light fittings! In come the rolled-up magazines, fluffy socks, cushions, make-shift bean bags. We swing, stretch, do contras, just the same – and we have a good laugh, just the same. We finish feeling ten feet tall, just the same, toned and raring to go!

When face-to-face classes restart we will be confined to a 3 square metre area per person. You can probably find a similar sized space at home for a Zoom class. The Zoom computer programme is free, and even I downloaded it without incident! You could use a computer, a laptop, a tablet device like an iPad or even a smart mobile (if you’ve got good glasses!) The teachers have mastered the art of Zoom and have all added computer support skills to their CVs and can sort out most technical hitches.

So missing Medau classes? Come and join us on Zoom and give us a whirl and a swing.

Andrea Lewis, Members Rep.