Grainne's Lockdown Journey

My Lockdown Journey 

There was a young dancer in lockdown

Whose feet just wouldn’t keep still

So she downloaded Zoom with a curse and a frown

‘I have to teach Medau, so I will!’


On Tuesday morns her class all do flock

With alternative props close at hand

They tap wooden spoons and squeeze rolled up socks

And swing magazines, tied up with a band.


Her lounge is bijou and not very high:

When she walks forward her head disappears

She stretches up tall to reach to the sky

Hits the lampshade – it’s all really weird.


Others join in from far and away.

It’s a treat so see family and friends

As we move together with a swing and a sway

And enjoy a good chat at the end.

Grainne Sinclair

[Editors’ Note: As well as getting to grips with Zoom during lockdown Grainne supported the NHS.  Not only did she sew 20 scrub bags but was also involved in a recording by the Pandemonium Drummers of “And I will virtually kiss” which they had originally played at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. This can be viewed online at: Pandemonium Drummers: Grooving on during Lockdown]