Coaching in an Active Nation

Monday, 30th January 2017

On a cold and damp day just before Christmas when most people were busy shopping and anticipating  the holidays the Medau Team were asked to arrive early for their rehearsal.  We had been asked to take part in filming a short video for Sport England to support their Coaching Plan for England.

Margaret Charlwood BEM with all her years of experience both in her classes and at an international level had been asked by Sport England to take part.  The Team greatly enjoyed having all our moves filmed as two charming young men weaved their way in and out of the action as we warmed up and then rehearsed our item. They risked life and limb as we twirled and threw our equipment and I have to say that I did mange to just avoid a collision at one point.

No rest for Margaret, after rehearsal she had invited her class to come along and then off she went again putting them through their paces while we The Team were extremely grateful for the rest.

The result was a very short snippet called Coaching in an Active Nation and you can see it on and searching for Coaching in an Active Nation. Go have a look.