Medau for Young People

Medau Movement is fun for all ages and abilities, as well as being a great place to meet new friends. 

By attending a Medau class you will be meeting a variety of people who are interested in the same exercise environment and pursuit of personal growth as you are.

Listen and exercise to fun music using light hand-held apparatus to extend your movements and enhance your core strength, coordination and balance.

We understand how education can take up a lot of time, which is why Medau works well as an activity during your free time. For example, after school you could attend a Medau class near you and feel like you are taking part in a more active day that will subsequently clear your mind from any stress that you may be feeling.

There are also frequent events and performance opportunities so if you would like to express yourself through movement and music then feel free to take part in a class, attend an event and join in on the opportunity to perform for your friends and family.

Our classes are an ideal environment for anyone to join – there are no set routines to learn, making each class very accessible. Everyone is welcome and able to participate!

Head over to our Find a Class page to start Medau or click onto our Join Page to become a member today!

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