Medau Movement was founded nearly 100 years ago in Germany by Hinrich Medau, who applied his studies of music, sport and gymnastics to create the exercise that we know today.

Medau’s keen ear for music and his rhythms and improvisations on the piano were applied to his knowledge of sport and movement to produce the first Medau Movement class, from where he expanded to include various light handheld apparatus, most notably the ball, hoop and club. 

After establishing the Medau College in 1929, the movement went from strength to strength, and in 1952 the College moved to Coburg, its current home.

After Medau passed away in 1974, his son Jochen proudly took over the helm and introduced physiotherapy and speech therapy to the College.

Current Practice:

Today, Medau Movement remains a highly respected form of exercise and movement, providing multiple benefits to a wide range of people across the UK and beyond.

In our classes we focus on correct posture and body alignment in an environment that is simultaneously dynamic and uplifting.

Our fun, adjustable and beneficial activity allows anyone at any skill level to take part, giving everyone the opportunity to progress through the joy of exercise and, because there are no set routines to learn, participants can join a class at any time and feel at home.

Making a Positive Difference:

We are proudly featured on the This Girl Can website and we plan on continuing to spread our all-inclusive fun exercise to others and especially those that may have doubts about whether or not they can or are allowed to take part in physical activity.

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