Children's Exercise Classes

Medau Movement is a great way to introduce children to key, significant skills and to help develop their core strength, coordination and balance in a fun and safe environment amongst their friends. Simply enrol them into one of our children's exercise classes and they will meet new friends whilst keeping active in a safe environment. 

Our children's exercise classes are both versatile and flexible, being able to fit into any school schedule. These Medau classes are perfect for activities in Physical Education (PE) as they can be adapted to suit the physical ability of the group and the creativity in the movement makes each lesson engaging and enjoyable.

An Alternative to Standard PE Lessons

Our Medau Movement children's exercise classes are a success with schools because Medau Movement is a creative, engaging and dynamic programme that encourages young people to stay active in a fun way. 

Each lesson can be tailored to suit a PE lesson structure – for example, we could perform one class per PE lesson, each one focusing on a specific aspect of the movement, with a theme that ties in with the session. 

For instance, we can run a more high-energy class that will raise each student’s heart rate whilst also getting their whole body and mind involved in an activity that is different from tablets, textbooks and tests. 

To contrast with this, however, we can also run a more calming, slower-paced class that focuses more on breathing, co-ordination and control; we have found that using this calmer theme has benefitted students by improving concentration and reducing disruptive behaviour.

The Physical & Mental Benefits of Medau

We have a playlist of fun, kid-friendly tunes that the students can listen to whilst using small hand-held apparatus like hoops, balls and cloths to encourage and extend their movement. 

While the lessons in our children's exercise classes will engage all of the major muscle groups and give each participant a safe cardiovascular workout, rest assured that Medau Movement is based on natural body movements meaning that students will not strain their muscles nor will they become exhausted. 

Our aim is to ensure that students feel refreshed and energized after a class, and more eager to continue with their other lessons that day.

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