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Choose from one of our many Medau classes by using our location tool, which will find a class nearest to you. Select the type of Medau class you are looking for, input your postcode, pick a distance that you would be willing to travel from your home to reach a class, and then press ‘SEARCH’.

If there isn’t a location within that radius don't worry, we are always expanding and will hopefully be able to host a class near you in the future. You can also stay up to date on our new classes and events on our news page.

Joining a Class

Joining a Medau Movement class means receiving a warm welcome and immediate support from your Level 3 Qualified Teacher, who will guide you on all you need to know and get you involved right from the start. 

Each class is different, yet they all keep your interest and engagement high. Our teachers utilise the core elements of Spring, Swing and Stretch in a combination of movements to ensure the class is dynamic and fun. 

Class Benefits

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to a stimulating full-body exercise programme that uplifts your mood, or someone who is more advanced and looking to challenge your mind and body with a more unique exercise experience, we provide a safe learning space for all. 

The exercises focus on dynamic body movements and good form and posture, leading to a number of significant benefits including:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved co-ordination, balance and physical awareness
  • Better core strength and overall tone
  • Better flexibility and ease of movement
  • A natural improvement in attitude and positivity

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy each class with like-minded people, and be part of a positive, fun environment no matter what your level of fitness or ability.

Everyone is Welcome

Each of our classes is taken by a Level 3 Qualified teacher who will tailor the class to suit your needs, as well as the needs of your fellow class members. 

Every class is suitable for all ages and abilities, with the teacher ensuring that all participants can exercise safely and progress with their personal goals by challenging themselves to the level they’re most comfortable with. 

Furthermore, as there are no routines to learn, anyone is able to join at any time and get started right away.

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