Over 50's Fitness Class

Welcome to Medau Movement, we’re excited that you’re considering becoming a Medau Member. 

Medau classes are for everyone, and are especially favoured by those aged 45 and older as the exercises are tailored to suit people of any skill and fitness level in a communal, engaging environment with others who share similar interests. So if you are looking for an over 50s fitness class that will get you feeling energised then our Medau classes are right for you. Our fitness classes provide a stress-free, social experience that can be altered to suit what you intend to get out of that time. You can choose to be more relaxed by taking things slower or give yourself a sensible challenge.

Whilst we offer Medau Movement classes to a wide age range, our sessions are created with our members in mind; we ensure that each and every one of our participants exercises safely whilst presenting them with appropriate challenges to suit their needs.

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