What is Medau?

Medau Movement originated in Germany, as a group exercise movement and has been active in the UK for over 60 years.

Designed to be a comprehensive holistic workout, Medau Movement explores the body’s natural movements to create a fluid and varied program using all major muscle groups.

Who can do Medau Movement?

Medau Movement is easily accessible for people of all ages and abilities, from beginners through to advanced, as each movement can be adapted to suit each member’s experience and capability. 

To ensure that each participant receives maximum benefit, our fully qualified teachers can adapt exercises and movements – whether you want a more relaxing approach, or a more rigorous challenge, there are classes to suit your needs and goals all within a safe, expertly managed environment.

Why is Medau Movement different to other exercise programs?

The use of handheld apparatus is what really sets Medau apart – by using a combination of hoops, balls and clubs as well as a variety of alternative apparatus instead of conventional weights and dumbbells, we keep the exercises varied, interesting and interactive. 

What should you expect to feel?

The Medau method is intended to challenge both the mind and the body, with benefits including improved cardiovascular performance, better core strength, overall wellness, better posture and alignment, movement, improved coordination and more.

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