Keeping Well This Winter

Tuesday, 24th November 2015

As we approach the darkest and busiest time of the year, we should think about keeping ourselves well this winter.

Take time out for yourself, take stock, have you had your flu jab yet?  It is never too late and if you have one now you will be protected for the next three months.  Did you know that the age limit for a pneumonia jab has been lowered to 65 years, it can be done at the same time as your flu jab but will protect you for a lifetime.

If you are planning a winter sunshine holiday just remember that a plane can circulate all sorts of bugs and viruses so protecting yourself makes sense

The Government tells us to make sure we are warm, but make the most of the winter sunshine (as long as it is not icy) and take a walk.  Do not shut yourself away until Spring get out to a social event or an exercise class.  A Medau class can give you both the exercise and good company.  A couple of hours away from home at a Medau class will not only lift you but put a spring in your step for the journey home

Stay safe and warm this winter.  Spring will soon be here.