Care Home Classes Videos

Please enjoy watching these videos and joining in the easy to follow exercise classes. They are brought to you by our wonderful senior trainers, Margaret Charlwood, Jo Power and Jane Seyler.

Before you join in these classes please make sure you have plenty of room, that there are no trip hazards, that you have a suitable chair to sit on and that you are healthy and fit enough to participate. These are gentle classes but be aware of any existing conditions you may have that may inhibit your movement and please only do what feels good for you.

Three of the classes require some apparatus – a net ‘shower ball’, a rolled-up newspaper/magazine, and a pillow case knotted in the centre (demonstration in the video) but you can use suitable alternatives if you don’t have these to hand.

The remaining three classes require no apparatus and can be enjoyed in their own right.

Ep 1 - Margaret & Jane with rolled up magazine

Ep 2 - Jo Power

Ep 3 - Jane using a shower puff to help dexterity

Ep 4 - Margaret & Jane

Ep 5 - Jo with apparatus

Ep 6 - Jane