Mary's Lockdown Journey

Barbara said, ”write about your Zoom Journey”! Yes, well some journeys are on bumpy roads.  

When invited to one of Jo’s test Zoom classes, I thought that’ll be good, I always wanted to go to her classes. Next thing, I am looking at Zoom tutorials and YouTube about setting up my own test classes. Thanks to the enthusiasm, tolerance and perseverance of my class members, we got going. When I discovered through Facebook that bright and trendy fitness gurus were struggling with exactly the same difficulties, I felt infinitely better. Luckily my husband took a lively interest and, after much trial and error, I think we have evolved a good system. The internet is always unpredictable but I learned to accept the challenge, smile and carry on. The rewards now are worth it. Happy class members and happy me. We have improvised equipment with beanbags made with socks, water bottles (easy to adjust the weight), balls made with a hand towel bundled into a bag (no they don’t bounce!), two sticks or kitchen spoons, a rolled magazine, scarves and resistance bands. It is different to being in a hall, but we are still interacting. It is still fun and friendly, and definitely gets us all moving and focussed. For me, a sanity saver into the bargain.   

Mary Edwards